Halloween Poem: A Sweet’s Farewell

A costumed mob is on the street
With hungry cries of “Trick or Treat!”
I’m sure it’s me they want to eat
Won’t someone try to save me?

They’re standing right outside the door
It’s fifteen kids and maybe more
I beg, I plead, yes I implore
Won’t someone try to save me?

The doorbell rings, the danger grows
As every piece of candy knows
Behind that door stand mortal foes
Won’t someone try to save me?

With teeth of steel and hearts of coal
They’re focused on a single goal
And now they’re reaching toward the bowl
Won’t someone try to save me?

The chocolate screams are all I hear
I’m gripped by terror, wracked by fear
With searching fingers getting near
Won’t someone try to save me?

It looks like there’s no rescue planned
And some kid’s got me in her hand
So now, at last, alone I stand
For no one’s trying to save me

Well, at least I still have my trusty protective wrapper



–Jeff Mondak

You can view a really fun, creative animation, by artist Carly Braham, accompanied by Dreamcatcher’s musical performance, by clicking here.


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