How I Became a Black Belt

A week ago Sunday with weather so warm,
Karate class met in the park.
We practiced our kicks, then we studied our form,
And chopped at the sycamore bark.

I sat and I rested beneath that great tree
While Christopher worked on his stance.
My mind was so focused that I didn’t see
The ants marching straight up my pants.

The ants in my britches were biting me there.
The bite marks were starting to swell.
I itched, so I kicked and I clawed at the air,
Then spun as I let out a yell.

I twirled and I jumped with such dizzying speed
While trying to scratch at the bites.
The teachers look on and then quickly agreed
My skills had reached masterful heights.

For twenty-three minutes I pranced without pause.
I shrieked at each itchy red welt.
I finished at last to the Master’s applause.
He bowed and he gave me his belt.

**You can hear Sergio Wals perform this as a song by CLICKING HERE.


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