That Awful Falafel Waffle

My Mom is on a health food kick
Last night we ate a tofu brick
But nothing else makes me as sick
As that awful falafel waffle

Organic this, organic that
With not one single gram of fat
I’d rather eat a baseball bat
Than that awful falafel waffle

With powdered sugar? That’s a joke!
The syrup’s made from artichoke
With just one bite my front tooth broke
On that awful falafel waffle

Asparagus or Brussels sprouts?
While Mom is choosing, Dad just pouts
But come tomorrow, no one doubts
It’s that awful falafel waffle

I need some meat, and Dad does too
We sure can’t stand granola stew
But we must leave no trace or clue
Of that awful falafel waffle

Mom’s not looking, so here’s our chance
We’re off to eat those fries from France
And guess what’s hidden in my pants?
It’s that awful falafel waffle!
–Jeff Mondak

You can hear this poem performed as a song by Sergio Wals by CLICKING HERE.


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