Franky the Onion and Garlic the Kid

Franky the Onion and Garlic the Kid
Looking so dirty and raw
Snuck into town, and away they hid
One step ahead of the law

Garlic never minced his words
He’d snatch your breath away
Wooing women and rustlin’ herds
Both were his forte

Franky was a man of many layers
But his skin was paper thin
Call him yellow and say your prayers
Then warn your next of kin

Sheriff Blade tracked the men
Blade knew he had their scent
He’d chop them down in the end
It would be a grand event

The Sheriff heard the town folk crying
Franky the Onion must be near
Then Blade spotted Garlic trying
To rustle yet another steer

Sheriff Blade stood his ground
Franky and Garlic soon were crushed
Cheers went up all around
As off to jail the men were rushed

Because Sheriff Blade answered the call
That dusty little town finally was rid
Of those ruthless outlaws known to all
As Franky the Onion and Garlic the Kid
–Jeff Mondak


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