The Toy Box ate my Brother

The race was on to get a toy
And Thomas was the winner
He beat me to the toy box
But he ended up as dinner

The toy box ate my brother
‘cuz he made a tragic blunder
He entered with a head-first dive
And quickly got pulled under

He kicked his feet and called my name
While our toy box drooled and slurped
I knew dear Thomas was no more
When that toy box loudly burped

No toy box can be trusted
So I make this solemn promise
I’ll rid the world of all of them
In memory of poor Thomas

I know you must be frightened
So I will help you, girls and boys
Just ship your toy box off to me
–along with all your toys!
–Jeff Mondak

**Note: Sergio Wals included this as a song on his CD. You can listen to it by clicking here.


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