That is Not Spaghetti

While Mommy and Daddy eat their spaghetti
I’ve got to settle for quite lesser terms
Our food looks the same but I know the difference
Mommy and Daddy are feeding me worms

What can I do but finish my dinner
I slurp and I swallow but I dare not chew
Gritty, not slimy, and surely not tasty
I have worms on my plate rather than food

Today’s not the first nor even the worst time
Each day is different, yet also the same
When Mommy and Daddy once ate meat loaf
What I found on my plate was some piggy’s brain

They said casserole, but where’d the squirrel go
The one who always played in our yard
And those aren’t grapes, I know what eyes are
Any mice at our house get pickled and jarred

I think I understand why they do this
My diet of hamsters and pigs from guinea
Mommy and Daddy’s plan is not torture
They’re just cutting costs and keeping me skinny

–Jeff Mondak


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