Halloween Poem: Four Houses

On Halloween I got my wish—
The first house gave me licorice
As if in answer to my dreams,
The next house gave me caramel creams
Delicious candy, pure and sweet
I ate it while I crossed the street
The third house gave me bubble gum
I chewed so fast my tongue went numb
My mouth was thick with candied glop
I ate and ate, I couldn’t stop
With candy stuffed inside each cheek
I knew that I could barely speak
The fourth house was the best one yet
And so I mumbled “Thweck or Thwett!”
The lady gave me gummy snacks
That filled my mouth beyond the max
All that I could think to do
Was shovel out that candy goo
This Halloween was ending soon
So I raced home and grabbed a spoon
But when Mom saw my pantomimes
She made me brush my teeth six times
And by the time my teeth were clean
The lights went out on Halloween
A thousand neighbors, maybe more
Yet I could only get to four
But I’m not sad and I’m not blue—
My sister only got to two!

You can hear Sergio Wals perform this poem as a song by clicking here.



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