There’s a Bully in my Locker

There’s a bully in my locker,
And it’s not a pretty sight.
It’s not what he was planning,
But he’s stuck inside there tight.

Yes, he’s jammed inside my locker
With his bully face so red.
Though this could have been a nightmare
It’s a perfect day instead.

He came to me to bully,
It’s the bully thing to do.
But sadly for this bully,
He forgot to tie his shoe.

He came up far too quickly.
First he grunted, then he tripped.
He fell against my locker,
And his bully pants were ripped.

A hundred kids with quarters
See the bully for a fee.
A bully’s in my locker
And it’s working fine for me.
–Jeff Mondak

Sergio Wals made these poem into a song and included it on his CD. You can hear it by clicking here.


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